For most of us, our memories of Nintendo start with Super Mario Bros. Some of us can’t even remember a time in our lives without Mario and Luigi, but even so, you might be surprised to learn that Nintendo turns 125 years old this week, certifying it as the oldest video game company in the world.

It all started in 1889 when Nintendo was created as a playing card manufacturing company. Flash forward 70 years to 1959, Nintendo was making a high profile deal with Disney to feature Disney characters on their cards.


Following this success, it morphed into a jack-of -all trades type of company, venturing into toy manufacturing, a taxi business, food production, and even the infamous “love hotel” chain popular with busy Japanese couples looking to schedule some sexy time with each other. By 1990, the Super Mario Bros video game had burst on the scene, changing pop-culture forever and cementing Nintendo as a household name. The rest is gaming history. Know more.