Mythos. Just the name itself smells like cash, but if this is how you get from New York to the Cayman Islands, you’re probably used to the stench anyway.

Measuring in at 122 feet and three decks of aluminum, wood and glass, this yacht coupé is powered by 3,510 horsepower, and can max out at 28.5 knots.

Upon your arrival to the tropical paradise of the day, take a dip from the rear swim deck, and when the feasts, blunts and champagne have run their course, knock out in any of the five cabins for you and your friends. Don’t forget to bring along a captain, a maid and a damn good chef, who can relax in any of the three crew cabins when off the clock.


Rivas Mythos Yacht

Mythos is designed to innovate yacht design, efficiency, performance, and the technologies that make it all possible, while at the same time preserving and promoting Riva’s unique and industry-leading style. Pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a yacht, it’s built to minimize impact on the environment in every way possible, and as the brand’s largest and most luxurious creation yet, it takes about 50 people and 18 months to complete just one yacht. Truly a labor of love.

Step inside this flagship, and you might forget where your are for a moment, not that you’d want to. Pure, immeasurable comfort in the most exposed, wildest part of the World. A penthouse on the sea. Live more.