Marlon Brando is known for being Vito Corleone in The Godfather, and a total freaking hunk when he was younger. Then he…well, lots of stuff happened, namely eccentric behavior and getting fat. Talking Brando related stuff could go on for weeks.

He also won two Oscars. Except he sent a Native American woman to refuse the second.

This wasn’t an act of eccentricity. Brando just didn’t like how Native Americans were being treated in 1970’s America. The New York Times printed the speech he would have given, which has little to do with The Godfather, and a heck of a lot to do with a plea for the country to treat the people, who actually occupied the country before The Pilgrims, with some damn respect. Some people thought he went a bit cray cray, but he was doing something meaningful.

Like when Terry Malloy walked past all those union workers, Brando was all for a cause. Also, On the Waterfront is a perfect film. Marlon was a contender. Know more.