Nature can invent technologies that would never occur to man. Thankfully, scientists and inventors know this, which is why they often look to the World’s mysteries for inspiration. Behold, the mantis shrimp, a creature of wonders with cancer-seeing eyes.


This is the same beastly shrimp that can obliterate other creatures with club-like fists that accelerate from 0 to 50 mph in .00033 seconds. That’s pretty impressive considering the resistance from the H20 makes its pretty hard to punch submerged. A pressure wave caused by the absurd acceleration frys the water into a boil in front of the punch.

The home videos below of captive mantis shrimp illustrate their power against the most heavily armored foes prey.

Scientists are also studying mantis shrimp’s clubby fist to develop a thin, ultra light body armor, and it’s also leading cancer fighting scientists to the next major breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment.

The eyes of these little mermaids from hell can see polarised light, which reacts differently to different types of tissue. Cancerous tissue has a distinct look when examined with polarized light. Naturally, the end goal is to develop small handheld cameras for the home or perhaps even smartphones with cameras that can do the same. Know more.