Fujifilm working on virus cures

The next-gen ebola cure isn’t coming out of the labs from any drug company you’d know (or not know), but you sure as hell know Fujifilm, a top contender in the photography industry. Welcome to the future, where Fujifilm fights viruses and Dr. Dre works at Apple.

Japan proudly announced that it will soon supply the World with a new drug that it originally developed to fight the flu as it is now showing promise against Ebola as well.

But why is Fujifilm getting into the drug business? What could it possibly offer? It turns out the equipment, science and technology that is used to develop and manufacture drugs is not very different than what is used in the realm of photography. Of course, there’s also a lot of money involved too.

Recently, Fujifilm also jumped into the cosmetics and skin-care industries. It currently sells an anti-aging face cream under another brand, Astalift. Know more.