Carlos Wong is opening a pop-up shop in Chinatown dedicated to snacks, drinks, and CATS ! ! It’s California’s first cat cafe coming October 2nd-5th from 4pm-9pm.

Cat cafe’s are nothing new as far as the world is concerned, well mostly in Tokyo, Japan, where there are quite a few of these stores that have popped up around the region with success. The theory is simplistic, open a cafe where the average citizen can come in and out of, have a drink, and relax; before work, after work, or on your day off you can unwind and drink a milk tea whilst in the company of pussy. If that isn’t relaxing, I don’t know what is. California’s first cat cafe is coming soon but only for a short time.

There will be music by DJs and a live band, as well as adoptions provided by The Best Friends Animal Society.

Find any excuse you can to show up. Bring your cat loving date to the Catfé (that’s one word for cat and cafe if you didn’t realize), or come by yourself and show all your “friends” who didn’t invite you to their party how cool you are by taking a selfie with a myriad of cats in the background.

Carlos opened a Kickstarter to help fund his idea, and make it into a less temporary one. He would like to give LA it’s first permanent Cat Cafe so if this is something you can see yourself enjoying then you should show your support! The sign of a great and burgeoning economy is seeing original and fresh start ups like this flourish, so here’s to wishing the pop-up some success ! Just imagine all the struggling artists, busy entrepreneurs, and bored hipsters that could benefit from the combination of some chai tea and a Maine Coon kitten.
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