California has its rubberneckers, the streets of New York are clogged with aggressive drivers, and people in overalls drive tractors in Nebraska, but Boston has the worst drivers in the U.S. The annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” ranks cities based on client collisions. Bostonians get in an accident every 4.4 years, which has made it the most unsafe U.S. city, with over one million people, to drive in.

If Allstate is saying that a city is not in good hands, the drivers must really be terrible. Boston is only just ahead of Worcester, a neighboring Massachusetts town 40 miles to the west. It must be disappointing for Boston, since it is such a cool and exciting city. It’s almost like their beloved New England Patriots. The football team is good for a short while, but never fails to crash.

The city with the best drivers is Phoenix, Arizona. On average, each driver only crashes once every 9.5 years. It actually makes sense, considering that if you want to do anything exciting you’re going to have to drive. All those hours on the roads made those drivers pretty damn good. Is it fair that Phoenix isn’t as congested as Boston? I don’t know, but a bad driver is a bad driver. Know more.