In this economy, people are lucky to have a job, let alone one that pays. Seriously, what type of world do we live in where “fashion blogger”-aka Instagram addict-can get millions of dollars while professors get squat? Is there no hope? No inspiration? Can we be what we want, follow our dreams, and be happy?

Hell yeah. Her name is Barbie, and she’s here to work. She’s got a resume bigger than an AP student trying to get in to Yale. She’s worked 125 jobs, and counting!

A sample of her employment history: Astronaut, Air Force member, presidential candidate, TV producer (Hey, that’s a vicious industry-girl has ovaries of steel), and computer engineer. Sure, she’s also been a ballerina, a nurse, and a teacher-but look at the big picture. She’s a Renaissance woman. Science, service to her country, entertainment pioneer, techie, patron of the arts, humanitarian, educator-all of these things are reflective of what a girl or boy (Barbie can be for anyone, if you don’t like it you’re on the wrong site) can achieve.

Babs gets a lot of flack for her body, and we could have a Socratic debate regarding her accomplishments and careers over her physical appearance, and what that really says about the views held by society. But that’s a bit deep. Barbie just ignores the haters. Mostly because she’s a doll.

The realism of chances of employment is moot in regards to Barbie. She’s got money in the bank. However-she’s kinda an inspiration. Says “You do you. And if that doesn’t work, move on to the next thing.” Feasible? Not for everyone. A starting point? Yup.

But still, the fashion blogger thing…humanity is doomed. Know more.