Orangutans are smart cookies. They are capable of using complex tools, planning ahead, and able pull the wool over your eyes.

Fu Manchu, an orangutan at the Omaha Zoo, displayed all these characteristics beautifully.

Fu was a bit bored of chilling out in his cage. Who could blame him? It doesn’t even have cable!

One day, the zookeepers couldn’t find Fu and his family-until they looked up. The apes were on the roof, chilling.

The humans shrugged it off, and got them down. Put them back in the cage.

Well, it happened again. This time, the zookeepers were getting suspicious.

Fu done goofed, because he was caught in the act on his third escape! How did this primate Houdini do it? Is he capable of flying a helicopter as well?

Simple answer: Fu Manchu ripped the door off it’s frame, and pulled a contraband wire out of his mouth, and picked the lock.

The zoo decided it was best if the wire was confiscated.

Fu Manchu is also a part of The American Association of Locksmiths-as an honorary member. Know more.