In the 13th century, London had an alcoholic elephant. He wasn’t an alcoholic by choice, it was more by the limited knowledge of 13th century zookeepers.

The elephant lived in the famous Tower of London, where the decapitation of a queen was called “A normal Tuesday”. As well as execution central, The Tower was also a zoo.

The first elephant to come to England was given to King Henry III from Louis IX, King of France. The elephant was kinda a big deal-no one in the area had seen one before. Ele-mania, for real!

Sadly, as mentioned above, zookeepers in The Tower were at a loss as to the habits of a pachyderm.

They assumed that, since it got cold in the winter, the elephant would keep warm like every human in 13th century London. Get him drunk!

The elephant developed a habit of drinking a gallon of wine a day. And not the cheap stuff. We’re talking top shelf. It died because elephants don’t have liquor stores in the wild.

The Elephant in the tower must have felt like Dumbo. Specifically, the scene that begs the question of how sane Walt was. Dumbo gets drunk on champagne, along with his only friend, a mouse. Well, that champs was obviously spiked with LSD-a song called “Pink Elephants on Parade” is sung by the nightmares of Hieronymus Bosch. It’s a reference is substance withdrawal. Yeah.

Tower elephant and Dumbo couldn’t handle their liquor. While Dumbo got clean, Tower elephant up and died. Partying ’till the end, pour some out, ya dig? Know more.