Sometimes unfortunate instances occur. You might break your leg, kill an innocent black person, or pull a Dick Cheney and shoot your friend in the face with a shotgun. Gip Gale was shot in the face by his friend while hunting for doves in Georgia. They had recently started their first year of college and decided to take a weekend hunting trip. Well, that went south pretty quickly.

Gip’s friend was aiming for a flock of doves, but his pellets ended up blowing off half of Gip’s face. The local authorities called Gip’s family as soon as he was admitted into the hospital. Gip’s mother and father darted five hours to Savannah in their car and prayed the whole way. What does praying do? Sure it may send some positive thoughts into the world, but I believe a person’s survival, in that severe state, depends on how skilled the surgeons are. If they suck at operating, say goodbye to life.

By the time Gip’s parents arrived at the hospital, they were told that Gip would survive, but he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Just as they were discussing this in Gip’s hospital room, Gip woke up and asked about his dog, Yeller. His family and doctor’s were impressed by this cognitive thought. Wouldn’t you know it? Good God Almighty came through for that poor young boy. That moment was so godly intense for Gip’s mother that she decided to write a book about her relationship with God.

To make this story more of a redneck tale, Jeff Foxworthy dedicated a day to Gip on his next redneck calendar. Gip was wearing a hat signed by Foxworthy when he got shot and he got a newly signed one because the original was brain and blood soaked.

Gip had to relearn everything and is now a fully functional human being. He now has the best answer for job interviewers when they ask how he overcame something. “Well, my friend blew half my face off with a shotgun and I survived and relearned everything in four years. Boom.” Know more

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