Up until the late 1970s, Geamana, Romania was a quaint village with hundreds of people. A communist dictator demanded that everyone evacuate the city or else they would be submerged in toxic waste. It seems like communist dictators were making the rounds in Europe in the 70s. At least this dictator gave the people a death warning.

Geamana’s residents got out while the gettin’ was good because the toxic waste floodgates opened and made Geamana a poisonous lake of cyanide. The waste from the Rosia Poieni copper mine funneled into Geamana’s valley, making the whole area a poisonous hellhole.

You can still visit Geamana, or rather what’s left of it, if you don’t mind the awful stench. The church steeple pierces out of the sludgy lake and is far more striking than the roofs of houses or treetops. Isn’t it interesting that the church prevailed over everything else? It’s actually the best advertisement a church could ever want. The caption for the ad would read, “Even when a hellish red lake swallowed a town, it couldn’t stomach the power of God.” Know more.