Having trouble finding a job? Ever thought of looking in the penitentiary system? Why not commit whatever crime you’ve always wanted (in Oregon, of course), get locked up, and get a job at a popular denim company, making $6-$8 an hour?! What are we all even doing on the outside!

A 1930 U.S. federal law states that we are not allowed to import any items made by prisoners, but this didn’t stop Oregon from working it the other way around. The brand is appropriately called, “Prison Blues,” and sells its products here in the U.S. as well as to Japan, Italy, and Germany.

There’s no better way to embrace your inner bad boy or girl than buying jeans made by people stuck in the criminal justice system. Screw Levi because when I step into a pair of jeans, I want that dangerous feeling of my curves being hugged by an inmate. Know more.