What is art?

Is it graffiti? Whether or not you believe it is, street artist DS is turning the act of graffiti removal into art itself.

DS will show up to witness the removal of his graffiti, and in odd fashion, he photographs the event. Those photos serve as the basis for the his next pasteup at the same spot, as you can see above.

It’s a powerful statement about the irrational hate of graffiti in our culture… or maybe it’s about mocking those that take down his art. Or both.

In any case, he documents all of his work at his personal website, where you can keep track of his latest and greatest. With the exception of a few works, most of his art seems to be for purely for fun, encompassing a fantastic visual style, but clearly some, like the removal of his Bad Kitty tag, aim to say something more. Know more.

cupids-hitsquad-paris DS