Jeff White, 32, is claims he was raped by his teacher, Stephen Barnes, during his time at Bethel Baptist School in Mississippi from 1996-1999. White explained that Barnes performed the alleged sexual abuse because of his sexual orientation. Barnes scheduled meetings every Wednesday and raped White to rid him of his sexual orientation.

This isn’t the first time that sexual abuse and the church have made headlines. In this case, a priest was not having sex with an altar boy, rather, a teacher sexually punished a student for being gay. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to use anal sex as an effort to correct a man’s homosexuality? White said that Barnes’ reasoning behind the rape was to “convince him that being gay was more painful than suppressing his sexual orientation.” Why suppress it in the first place? Oh yeah, because people are homophobic, especially those belonging to the church.

People like to believe that the church does a lot of good. In comparison to the history of terrible things the church has done and continues to do, the good doesn’t come close to compensating. But people don’t dare question the word of God. Just like God, the church is tyrannical and scary and Jeff White was preyed on like many others throughout history.

The Bethel Baptist Church is cooperating with White’s recently filed claim, although the church’s spokesman said that it was “the biggest lie ever told.” Well, some people say that the Bible is one of the biggest lies ever told. Hey, that book is a great piece of fiction and this Jeff White case is most likely not. Too many traumatic events happen behind church walls, but the church is not above the law. There is no justification for sexual abuse. Know more.