Remember the days when people, who lost during video games, would just throw the controller across the room? Well, those days have long since passed. Apparently the new thing to do when you lose a game is called “swatting.” This has only been happening with online gaming. If a loser resents the winner, he/she can obtain the winner’s whereabouts via the livestream and alert the feds of a murder, bomb threat, or a situation of the like. A SWAT team is then required to invade the home and defuse the situation, which is actually not a situation at all.

Fifteen year old Paul Horner did just that after losing to someone playing Battlefield 4. He didn’t seem so tough when he cried and sobbed like a bitch in court and called out to his mommy for help. Horner had this confused look on his face as if wondering why he was in cuffs. What he thought was a minor prank turned out to domestic terrorism.

Upon receiving Horner’s call, officials sent a SWAT team to the location that Horner detailed and a SWAT officer killed the father of Horner’s livestream victor. After this, things didn’t turn out so well for BadAssDwg69 (Horner’s gamertag). Let me just say that if Horner was getting 25 to life for that tag alone, I’d be okay with it.

I have to say that after all that has gone down with the Ferguson case, it’s nice to finally see a white teen trialed as an adult and going to jail. Normally the family bribes the court and the kid gets off. Not today. This judge decided to send a message to all gamers, who think that they can do whatever they want because they live behind a screen. Wake up and step away from your first person shooter reality. Life doesn’t have a reset button and now Horner has to live with the consequences. He’s not going to spend a night in jail and then re-spawn in his house the next morning. The next 25 years of his life are wasted now and that’s his own fault. Don’t think that you’re exempt from the law when do something of this caliber. Know more.