If you want to get barreled on some curling waves that break over a sandbar, you are in for a treat. North Korea’s tourism authorities are offering surf tours during “this present bathing season,” said the Pyongyang Times. So far, Kim Jong Un, has permitted surfers to access three coastal communities: Songdowan, Lake Sijung, and Majon.

If you’re a swell chaser, you are out of luck because North Korea is blocked by Japan from Pacific Ocean swell energy. I’m sure that is just eating at Mr. Un. Nevertheless, typhoons in the Sea of Japan generate some peeling waves on the North Korean shores. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? I forgot to mention one thing: the water is extremely chilly because the northern edge of the country neighbors the frosty temperatures of Siberia.

In addition to the freezing temperatures, I believe the beaches are heavily monitored by the North Korean military. Only a limited amount of enjoyment can be had on land. And if the surf spot is flat, it’s not as though you can rent a car and freely explore more surf spots around the country. If you do manage to catch a few waves, try not to slash the lip too hard. You don’t want to make Kim Jong Un jealous or shame him in his own country. If you do get carried away and start popping airs, that person pointing something at you from the beach may not be a photographer. Know more.