Even though we haven’t quite arrived at the sci-fi future of our dreams, there’s actually a variety of electronic implants that you can install inside or on your body. The implants that you can install in your weak, fleshy, limited body range from the unbelievable, such as a electronic eyes, to the laughable, such as a magnet in your fingertip.

The magnet actually serves a purpose beyond granting you the ability to attract small screws and sewing needles. It supposedly enhances your senses by enabling a sixth sense, the ability to detect magnetic fields.

Reddit user explains the effect of having two such magnets implanted on the tips of two adjacent fingers, the index and ring fingers.

“When my fingers enter a magnetic field, the magnets inside move and I am able to sense this as a vibration of varying frequency and intensity. In effect, I have a 6th sense…”

magnet implant on finger

Why? Because science. ‘Nough said.

By now, you’ve probably heard of other more advanced “cybernetic” devices, such as a robotic exoskeleton from the collaborative lab of DARPA and Boston Dynamics, which greatly amplifies a soldier’s strength and endurance. It greatly reduces the physical abuse that a 100-pound bag has on a soldier over the many weeks, months or years that he’s in the field.

Warrior Web - exoskeleton suit

Future revisions would incorporate other enhancements, such as armor, night vision, hydration packs and more, creating a primitive but realistic Iron Man that literally grants its wearer very real super powers.

Similar suits are already deployed in the private sector, such as this Japanese machine that was used to clean up the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Hal-5 Exoskeleton

Leave it to the Japanese to make sure the future properly mirrors the Hollywood sci-fi equivalent. Has no one noticed that the name of the company that produces this device is Cyberdyne, the name of a supposedly fictional company from the Terminator films and TV shows?

Nerd note: In the epic Hollywood story, Cyberdyne is responsible for producing the computers and robots that would take over the World in an effort to exterminate the human race. Creepy…

Getting back down to Earth, I wouldn’t say NFC is the tech of the future, but you can actually get an NFC chip implanted into your body. It’s not the most exciting bio-hack around, but wouldn’t it be cool to… actually, no, NFC sucks.

If you’re in the market for robotic body parts, there’s never been a better time to lose a limb due to the magic of robotic prosthetics, which is the gold standard of any real cyborg. In the below video, watch an amputee show off his shiny new arm.

You can thank companies like BeBionic for developing a technology that amputees no longer have to dream about. Know more.