In August 2014 Texas Governor Rick Perry joined a proud group of indicted politicians who have managed to look thrilled to be American, even in their mug shots. Perry recently received the free photo shoot after being charged with “coercion of a public servant and abuse of his official capacity” which basically means he was overly obvious while hinting to Rosemary Lehmberg, the District Attorney of Austin, that it was probably a good idea for her to resign after she was pulled over drunker than popular metaphorical figure Cooter Brown.

Perry arrived for the mugshot shoot dressed to impress, clad in a classic upscale suit and tie, with not a hair out of place as he carried out the proud American tradition of arrest in a manner sure to honor all those arrested before him. Skillfully blending his facial expression to a careful blend of “eat shit and die Lehmberg” and “Amercia-fuck yeah!” ,Perry managed to pull off what is being deemed by many bloggers one of the greatest Political mugshots of all time.

Perry’s mugshot shoot has been ranked among that of fellow political figures such as Tom Delay, whose charges of money laundering in an attempt to help various Texas Elected Officials into office were eventually dismissed after being tried by various Texas Elected Officials. Close runner ups include John Edwards, who was indicted in 2011 for using campaign money to fund extramarital affairs and being an all-around douchey guy and popular radio host Rush Limbaugh who some argue should be disqualified due to the fact that his beaming smile is quite possibly simply the effects of enough OxyContin to kill a horse. Know more.