Remember that awesome scene in the first season of The Walking Dead when the gang cover themselves with the blood and guts of dead corpses? It’s based on their hypothesis that the undead are drawn to the smell of living flesh, and if they smear the scent of death all over them it will serve as a type of zombie camouflage.

Well, thank god, that a Nebraska chemist stepped up and created a cologne that combines the various stinky elements often present in times of corpse decay. Based on The Walking Dead’s hypothesis, Raychelle Burks has designed a scent that mimics the smell of death – and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. When the forthcoming zombie apocalypse is upon us, I can now gladly reach for this cologne instead of rotting innards.

While I don’t think you’ll find it at your local department store’s cosmetic section, Eau de Death is definitely the every day zombie survivor’s next must-have. Who knows – it might even help to serve as a type of cure for necrophilia. Just spritz a little on your partner, tell him or her to lie still, and ta-da! No more illegal activity! Know more.