Pilots en route to Hong Kong from Alaska were shocked to see an intense and bizarre glow in their path where the Pacific Ocean should have been.

Five hours into his flight, Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst noticed a verticle flash that resembled a lightening bolt in the distance ahead of him. As they neared the sight 20 minutes later, a deep red and orange glow appeared below, where there should only have been ocean.

volcanic glow distance pic

Weather radars confirmed that there had been no thunderstorms on their route that night. No one has definitively explained the nature of the under water light show (aliens!), and the anonymity of its source made Heijst genuinely uncomfortable; he described it as “the creepiest thing [experienced] so far in my flying career.”

The most logical explanation would be to attribute the light show to the eruption of an underwater volcano, even though no activity had been reported that night.

While no one is sure of its cause yet, one thing is certain—it’s awesome! Know more.