When I first read about these little guys, I thought about the movie Highlander. Just picture tiny little jellyfish with tiny swords, duking it out for immortality and absorbing each others’ power because – there can only be one. Sadly, that’s not quite what we’re dealing with here.

A species of jellyfish, Turritopsis Nutricula, has been found to – wait for it – possess the ability to – wait for it – LIVE FOREVER (dun dun dunnn). Apparently, this unique little creature grows and matures like every other animal on the planet, except that after it has mated, it changes back to a young, ambitious jellyfish ready to take on the world!

What do scientists have to say about it? Not a whole lot… But their investors’ quickly aging housewives are screaming at them to figure out how to replicate it in humans. Those wrinkly orange county mommas are just waiting for the jellyfish antidote to aging, so they can do He-Man’s rendition of “I HAAAVE THE POWERRR!”  Know more.