fry meme - shut up and take my money

Introducing: vessyl. Just in case you didn’t know what’s inside your cup, it tells you (see the below image for real-world evidence).

Now, imagine this scenario. You’re at a party, and you reach deep into a cold, ice-biting ice chest. You pull out a can of a mysterious beverage, “what could this possibly be?” You wonder. You ponder. If only there was a way to figure it out.

There’s writing all over it, illegible white curvy letters on a red background. You’ve seen these letters before, but you have no idea what they mean! If only you listened to your second grade teacher, and learned to read and write in cursive! “Now, I’ll never know what’s in this can.”

But then you remember, “I have a vessyl,” so you reach deep into your man purse. You pull out your vessyl, and crack open that succulent concoction of who knows what.

You pour the beautiful dark syrupy liquid into your vessyl.

vessyl - what's inside your cup?

It suddenly reads, “soda.”

OK, that’s great, but is it diet soda or regular soda? How will you ever know its caloric content, and thus, it’s impact on that growing gut of yours. Suddenly, the words “soda” disappears. Like it was reading your mind, it displays, “140 cal”.

Thank you, vessyl. Know more.