I have seen many a happy dog riding waves with their owners on surfboards, but never did I think I would see a pig do the same. Kama, Hawaii’s surfing pig, wandered out of the wild and into Kai Holt’s life one day when he was camping. An instantaneous love sparked between man and pig.

A few weeks after taking the little piglet home, Kama fell in Holt’s pool and began swimming. Well, a trip to the beach was the next logical step. Before Holt knew it, Kama was hanging hooves, enjoying the splashing water on his little snout.

Holt says that Kama brings joy to whatever surf spot he decides to charge. People end up smiling at the duo and Holt likes to think that Kama is a gift, just like surfing was Hawaii’s gift to the world. I won’t venture to say that a surfing pig equates to a sport that spanned the globe, but he’s pretty damn adorable.

Surfing isn’t the only thing they do together. They sleep in the same bed, go on walks, and Holt cooks him vegetarian meals. Kama is even sponsored by Costco, gets free clothes from Local Motion, and got a GoPro from a local bike store. Kama’s only competition is a surfing pig in New Zealand, but the waves he rides are miniscule in size compared to the giants Kama charges. Know More..