Yarr, me hearties, the great white whale be alive and free-roaming the shores Australia. It looks as though Melville was right all along. Ahab shan’t be looking to harpoon this creature, though, because it is truly stunning and, mainly, protected.

Migaloo, as he was named in 1991 upon spotting him, is one of the most famous humpback whales in the world. He is roughly 27 years old and journeys to Queensland, Australia each year to enjoy the warmer waters. Whale watchers are in for a treat when this 50 ton behemoth of a mammal surfaces, breaches, or tail slaps off the coast.

Upon taking a closer look at his brown eyes, scientists questioned Migaloo’s true albinism. Did they think he went to an underwater whale detail center to get a new paint job? Is this Shark Tale? Migaloo has a deficiency of a melanin-producing protein, which is why he is an albino.

Just like any celebrity, Migaloo gets his mug snapped a lot. Recent pictures show signs of discoloration on certain parts of his body, however, which worries scientists. Although he doesn’t know it, Migaloo is technically guarded under Australian law. He is the most protected whale in the entire ocean and if you get the chance to see him splash about, consider yourself truly lucky. Know more.