King Erik of Pomerania found himself out of a job in 1439. Once the king go Norway, with the intention of uniting and presiding over the Nordic countries in a most epic manner. His aunt, Margareta, disagreed with Erik on the grounds that she would not be in charge. He had more than 99 problems, including, but not limited to, tension with the Swedes, the ire of The Hanseatic League, a war with a German principality, tension with the Norwegians, and pissed off peasants.

Instead of going into fancy exile-the one where you get a castle somewhere in return for not bugging anyone-he fell in with a bad crowd. Pirates.

Yup, the Vitalienbrüder was headed for a while by the former king. The term translates to Victual Brothers. Their badass catchphrase was “God’s friends and the whole world’s enemies!”, and they hung out in The Baltic like the cool kids hang out in detention. Basically, Erik gave them a place to chill in return for getting back at his aunt.

Since ‘pirate’ is not a sustainable career, and his aunt-who ruled, like, all of Scandinavia and then some-was not his biggest fan, Erik went back to his birthplace in Germany, and died at 77. Know more.