The Discovery Channel‘s Shark Week is like the History Channel for sharks. It’s not the best source of correct information, but it’s the best source for entertaining information… even if that information isn’t quite true.

The latest offense by Shark Week is a continuation of a mockumentary from last year about an extinct shark that could still exist today. “Could” is the key word in that sentence.

In 2013, Discovery’s fake documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives supports a myth about a 35-foot shark that has a history of eating people. Similarly, this year, another fake documentary Darkness: Wrath of the Submarine continues the same story. Of course, the documentaries begin with a disclaimer that the existence of this creature is “controversial”, but there are way too many people that miss it, especially considering some people tune in after it shows.

Unfortunately, some people now believe this extinct shark is still roaming the waters by South Africa. Thanks, Discovery.

It doesn’t end with Magaolodon, and now, Shark Week is turning into something like film a festival of bad Sci Fi channel movies, such as the classics Sharknado, Shaktopus and, of course, Piranhaconda. IFL Science offers a full breakdown of Shark Week’s sins. Know more.