‘Hey, woman! Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Daaaaaamn girl, why yo’ sandwiches always taste so much better than mine?’ Well, Scrilla, we’re glad you asked, because there’s actually a scientific reason why your honey’s sandwiches taste like the nectar of the gods, and yours… well, I mean, is that even a sandwich?

A new research study by the Carnegie Mellon University showed that the more you fantasize and think about a food that you’re going to make (so, naturally, you already know what it will taste like) the less desirable that food becomes. As a result, we crave it less and lose our appetite for it. But when it’s made by someone else, like – say – your girl? Ohhhhh man, that stuff is dank!

All these years my feminist, bra-burning background made me angry when I heard men demand that women get in the kitchen and make them some food. Now, I am much more understanding of the actual physiological reasons. So, get in the kitchen, ladies, and make a man a sandwich – it’s not sexism, it’s science! Know more.