The world has suffered the loss of a beautiful person and incredibly gifted actor/comedian, but his legendary roles will live on forever. As the son of Christian Scientist and an Episcopalian, as well as being a self-proclaimed honorary Jew, Robin Williams transformed himself into many characters, one of which was a pudgy British nanny for his classic role in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Williams’ character, Daniel, in the movie is an out-of-work voice actor, but let’s be real: did the people who wrote Mrs. Doubtfire see Aladdin? Genie made the movie! It would’ve been a whole new world without his high-energy comedy. Anyway, the entire makeup process to turn Williams into a believable woman took 4.5 hours. The time that Williams spent in the makeup chair obviously paid off because the film won the Oscar for Best Costume.

Mrs. Doubtfire makeup

Here’s a fun fact: the prosthetic Mrs. Doubtfire mask that Williams discarded in the street during the movie was a prop. You think they would construct a mask for nearly five hours just to throw it in the street? The real makeup comprised eight latex pieces.

Mrs-Doubtfire mask, Robin Williams

Due to his recent departure from the world, we lost the chance at seeing Williams don it again in Mrs. Doubtfire 2. The original director and Williams were set to collaborate again on a childhood classic. Regardless if Hollywood cannot generate any new, fresh ideas for films, I was ecstatic about the revival of the classic. Maybe Pierce Brosnan would have choked on a bigger shrimp in the sequel. We will never know. Know more.