If you haven’t heard the news I’m about to give you some breaking information. Robin Williams passed away recently and its suspected he committed suicide. What!!! Yes that’s correct. The man of a thousand impressions is no longer with us. But never fear, because Robin Willaims thought of our collective sadness and graced us with FOUR UNRELEASED MOVIES set to come out in 2015.

So now we have no choice but to see these movies and keep in the back of our minds that he is gone forever. And not just once. We can do it FOUR times next year. Four full length movies so Mr. Williams can be talked about all year.

I’m not hating on the move but seriously man, its all about you. Michael Jackson died and he released an album. Tupac “died” and he continues to push out albums. And now Robin Williams dies and he’s putting out four feature length films.

He’s an amazing actor so I assume they’ll be great, but damn man, four movies you finish, and then it was time to leave the earth. I can hear Robin Williams now, “Don’t forget about me!!” Know more.