For all you people reading this and shaking your head in disagreement, I feel like this just makes sense. While we all may think we want a well-endowed partner (if you swing that way), there is definitely a limit as to when “well-endowed” can become unsettling or quite simply, a turnoff.

A recent study showed that while women prefer men with larger flaccid penises, after 7.6cm, the jig is up, and desire is down. In the end, women are looking for other attraction-based qualities, like being tall, physically fit, and possessing a body with everything in fairly good proportion. After all, a body part outside of normal proportions could signify some sort of genetic mutation or problem, and we’re all biologically wired to take notice.

I’d assume this goes both ways, you know, with the majority of men preferring women with tits that aren’t abnormally large (emphasis on the word abnormally). Yet women still flock to plastic surgeons to create ridiculously huge cup sizes. If I were a straight man, I’d see abnormally large breasts as two potential biological issues. Firstly, a genetic abnormality in size, but if that’s not the case, then a genetic abnormality in mental health. Either way, it might be best to avoid trying to get in to those “genes.” Know more.