Nobody wants a bad hair day. Some people struggle and can’t afford a professional grooming, and others can’t even afford a place to live. Yeah, I just got real, but that’s life. Life wouldn’t be what it is if it was easy. But certain successful individuals are compelled to give back to those less fortunate. Mark Bustos is one of those generous people.

Every Sunday, his only day off from the salon, Bustos offers haircuts to the homeless in New York. He brings his clippers and scissors and gets these men looking like suave, art deco party goers. Whether it’s a high and tight, a fade, or a close, straight razor shave, Bustos executes these classic barbershop styles with great skill.

If there were more people like Bustos, who gave back to the community every once in a while, the world might not be such a bad place. I would like to commend Bustos for his generosity because he’s doing a great thing; and everybody deserves to look good. Know more.