“Are you there God?” was not just uttered by Margaret in a Judy Blume book. It was, undoubtably, screamed in the trenches at Ypres by some poor soul.

If you were serving in WWI, had the misfortune of getting mortared-clinging to life-medics would rush you off to the makeshift hospital. The nurses attending to you would use a product made of something called Cellucotton. Cellucotton was more absorbent than other materials used as bandages, and cost less. Post-war, Kimberly-Clark (later Kotex, the well known ‘time of the month’ product manufacturer) didn’t know what to do with Cellucotton. Well, they tapped into a market that women today are totally grateful for.

See, before the advent of menstrual pads, women were using cloth as panty protection. Today, if you’re still going that route to ‘save the environment’-good lord. Please no.

Kotex was born from excess bandages. However, if you have a shortage of bandages, you can still use a pad as one! In fact, hospitals sometimes get thrifty and do that. The is no shame in wearing a pad, regardless of gender. Know more.