What happens when a magician tries to sell weed to a cop? Watch the magic happen in the below video.

It starts when magician Calen Morelli, of Twitter handle @calenmorelli, approached an officer of the law in an attempt to sell a bag of so-called weed for $40.

That looks like quite a bit of herb for a mere $40. It’s probably not the good stuff, but that’s probably why he’s trying to pass on that dirt to a cop.

The officer slowly approaches Morelli, and suddenly, grabs his arm to start the arrest.

Magician Calen Morelli tries to sell weed to a cop.

To the officer’s surprise, as Morelli pulls his hands apart, the bag of weed is… gone. The look on the cop’s face is priceless.

Magician Calen Morelli tries to sell weed to a cop.

Morelli followed up the events of the video on his Twitter feed, where he claims the cop found the video online, prompting the cop to track him down to complete the arrest.

Morelli gets out of jail after weed magic trick.

Well, if a plastic bag with generic carbon-copy paper isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. Thanks for making me believe in magic again, Mr. Morelli. Know more.