Who’s tall, looks dazzling in a top hat, and probably dislikes the theater? Well, I doubt he ever rubbed any crystal balls, but after Lincoln’s untimely assassination, some chilling evidence surfaced that the former president may have had a tiny bit of psychic intuition.

We all know the story of how Lincoln died, but what many people don’t know is that two days before his death, he told a small group of friends about a recent dream he’d experienced involving a president being assassinated. In the dream, he walked into a room in the White House where people were gathered around a casket. It is reported that he was told the departed was “the president.”

There are various pieces to this puzzle that stand to discredit the claim that Lincoln could have foreseen his passing. Nonetheless, I find the most thrilling part of this story to be my own depiction of the president wearing a turban and handing out fortunes. A reading from Psychic Lincoln is $5 I would gladly pay and never look back. Know more.