Alright, so since I believe half you nerds don’t follow sports I’m going to have to throw in a little background. Christiano Ronaldo plays soccer.

Anyways, if you know anything about soccer, Christiano Ronaldo is a mega-celebrity around the world for his “footy-prowess.” Also he’s an attractive male. AKA, Lil Wayne signed a top, top player who doesn’t live in America. Who knows if this is a legit play, or even if Lil Wayne actually has any involvement in this Front of a sports agency.

But why Christiano Ronaldo? Well in the World Cup, Christiano Ronaldo scored a goal for Portugal that gave the USA the opportunity to advance in the tournament. Now, I might be speculating that being the reason, but in the grand scene of things, do you see the great karma that comes with helping out the United States? Help the US and you get signed to a brand new sports agency headed by none other than Lil Weezy. And let’s face facts, is there any other person you’d rather be signed by than Lil Wayne? You can even watch Lil Wayne and Christiano Ronaldo mingling in the above Youtube video.

We might just be in the midst of a beautiful, possibly career-altering mega-superstar friendship. Know more.