There’s always that one family member at the reunion who comes in with an axe to grind, a flask of Jack, and a free ride to the police station before the night is done.

That’s the only way to describe Lawrence Tierney. The man played John Dillinger in a movie that was too heavy even for Chicago. However, John Dillinger was, by all accounts, charming and affable. Tierney was more like Popeye on PCP.

While his heyday was back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, Tierney appeared in an episode of Seinfeld as Elaine’s’ dad, in 1991. He had the chance to be a recurring character, but decided that the laughs delivered by Jerry and the gang didn’t quite cut it. Tierney wanted to have some creative input. Meaning that when Jerry Seinfeld noticed Tierney had a knife on his person, Tierney went all Hitchcock on the funnyman. He began to make pretend stabbing motions-with the knife in his hand-scaring the people around him. Tierney was not asked to come back, yet Seinfeld is now able to ask, in confidence, “What’s the deal with over-the-hill B-movie tough guys and knives?”

Tierney also played the dominating gang leader in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 Reservoir Dogs. In an interview with The Guardian, Tarantino explains that Teirney brought his bad attitude with him to the set. One week into shooting, Tierney got into a fistfight with the director. Already pissing people off, Tarantino wisely canned Tierney, and never worked with him again.

Lawrence Tierney died in 2002. No word on how many stitches Death needed after that collection. Know more.