When you make a movie about a famous Mongolian, starring a white man known for being a cowboy as said Mongolian, produced by an insane guy too obsessed with planes, filmed in the middle of a radioactive nuclear test site, someone is going to get cancer.

More like 91 out of 220 people working on them movie, with 46 deaths. Yeah.

Howard Hughes, or, as you know him, the guy The Aviator was about, was certifiably insane. He had a lot more money than sense. The Conqueror – an epic about Genghis Khan – was supposed to be this awesome movie because it starred an awesome man. John Wayne, who was the Clint Eastwood of the time. Except he wasn’t too lucky, punk.

As mentioned, John Wayne is not Mongolian. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

The big deal was that it had to be filmed in the desert. In 1956, every desert in America was code for “Freedom Bomb Test Site”.

They went to the Utah one.

The movie is considered cursed. Flash flood, a panther attack, lax interpretations of the words ‘crew safety’, and John Wayne walking around insisting that Genghis Khan would totally carry a six-shooter. Here’s the trailer the movie going public was subjected to.

The Duke filmed at a nuke site and the film was a fluke. Go figure.

It’s dubious and reckless to state beyond a shadow of a doubt that cancer magically appeared in John Wayne and others, thus the film is cursed. It wasn’t that it was cursed, it was because they filmed it at a place where the government tested WMDs, and nuclear fallout is bad for you.

When everyone died of cancer, Hughes went crazier and watched The Conqueror on loop. Presumably on TNT. Know more.