Oh, I don’t mean that Israel and Palestine just decided to not fight anymore. It’s not like the Israeli and Gaza governments met on the Sabbath for latkes, bagels, and locks and just said, “OK, we’re done fighting now.” I’ve always wondered if Israelis pause war on the Sabbath because they can’t use technology. Maybe they make an exception for weapons. Anyways, both sides have been at war for over two thousand years. Why stop now?

The recent back and forth between Israel and Gaza has left almost 2,000 people dead and a large number injured. In an attempt to stop the violence between the nations, Jews and Arabs around the world have been posting photos together on social media. The hashtag #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies became viral, especially after a Lebanese reporter posted a picture of her kissing her orthodox boyfriend.

People around the globe are partaking in this beautiful movement. They want a future where peace rules over violence. These efforts have maybe, let’s hope so, contributed to the current ceasefire, which has lasted longer than the expected seventy two hours it was supposed to last. Hopefully Hamas and the Israelis will see what detrimental effects their violence has on their people.

If you are Jewish/Arab and are friends with an Arab/Jew, join the social-media movement and refuse to be enemies for a positive future. Know more.