Is college getting a little pricey for you? Can you play a sport better than the next hundred guys? More importantly, do you have what it takes to commit a sexual offense? If this sounds like you, be on the lookout for college recruiters handing out full ride scholarships.

Brandon Austin, who got recruited by Northwest Florida State College on scholarship to play basketball, had two sexual assault charges filed at two different colleges he attended. He was even suspended and kicked off the basketball team at the University of Oregon after he was accused of gang-raping a female student. Didn’t Oregon check his file before recruiting him? Obviously not, considering they allowed him to play after he was suspended from the Providence College basketball team for another sexual assault charge.

It’s nice to know that if you can dunk, raping someone isn’t a big deal. Aside from Austin, we continually disregard and basically permit athletes’ sexual assault charges. An athlete’s rape case is like dirt under the couch: you don’t mind it being there because it doesn’t impair the overall appearance of the living room. More than that, we are sending the message that it is acceptable to rape someone if you have notable talent in the sports sphere.

The folks at Northwest Florida State are fine with Austin’s record and think that they can get him to follow on the right path, if they leave enough breadcrumbs. They are confident that the athletic program will instill positive values that will make Austin overflow with positive choices and good morals. Yeah, and the United States’ debt is going to vanish tomorrow because I don’t want it there anymore. At least the officials at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas cancelled their offer to Austin after a visit and evaluation process. Way to go Kansas! Know more.