Tom Sawyer Island is probably the most boring part of Disneyland. It’s just kinda there. It’s just trees and broken down wooden structures, like some kind of ghost town. For some reason, they added a Pirate’s Lair because Jack Sparrow. What do pirates have to do with Tom Sawyer? Well, in the book, he talked about being one. Why couldn’t they have added something about Rush?

Point being, no kid or adult wants to hang out on Tom Sawyer Island.

The most exciting thing to happen there was an invasion of no good, long haired, protesting hippie wannabes. The Yippies. To give you some perspective, they tried to levitate The Pentagon, where Magneto lives. Sorry, spoilers.

Core tenets of the Youth International Party (‘Yippies’) included free speech, exploiting pop culture to their benefit, and weed.

Core tenets of 1970s Disneyland included wholesome fun, exploiting pop culture to their benefit, and calling in the riot cops when a bunch of weird kids took the lamest part of the park.

On August 6th, 1970, the Yippies carried out their operation to take Castle Rock on the island. The cause wasn’t world peace, or to change civil rights. It was an issue with the dress code at Disneyland. Only 300 Yippies made it.

Disney rationally responded by calling in the riot cops. Like every group, the Yippies had a few folks who decided to get into it with the cops. Like every group, there were enough cops who didn’t want to deal with this bullshit, and wanted to teach these kids a lesson.

Long story short, this was a heavy situation, and they closed Disneyland early-the second time ever, first being when JFK was assassinated. 23 Yippies were arrested.

You don’t f#!k with The Mouse.

If you ever find yourself bored at Disney-which is hard-go to Tom Sawyer Island and pretend to take it over. You’ll probably get tackled by Donald Duck, and he’ll beat you with a nightstick. Know more.