Like any self respecting public figure, Idris Elba has a nonchalant public boner. When you’re a handsome and powerful man, you don’t have the time or energy to worry about random erections. Actually, it’s a prideful show of power for a powerful man to occasionally inflate his bulge for the public. Why wouldn’t you?

What’s the worst that can happen? Females across the World wet a panty or two, allowing you to raise your fee by 7% or more on the next contract (depending on the size of your public bulge).

However, in this case, Elba’s show of power is really outdoing the most recent public boner by the president, as seen below.

obama's presidential boner

When that photo of Obama and his Presidential sausage surfaced, it became clear why he was President. He seems to be outdoing the above average man, especially when you consider his boner is obviously only about 65% erect. There’s room to grow.

I can’t help but feel a wave of American pride wash over me at the thought of America’s enemies seeing this photo; however, no matter how much my heart fills with pride for the First Weapon, I can’t help but have the overwhelming feeling that Obama’s time as President is up. And Elba is the one true President we’ve always needed in the White House.

elba's erection

It’s clear there’s room for improvement in the Oval Office; however, it’s true that Elba is likely not packing the biggus dickus in the States.

Ironically, the true title of biggus dickus goes to non-Black Jonah Falcon, wielder of the 13.5 incher that’s officially the World’s biggest right now. With such a presidential sausage, it’s a wonder he’s not President yet. But he’s White, so the odds are on his side. Maybe it’s only a matter of time. Know more.