You thought Flappy Bird was addicting? You better prepare to lose a wife or two before you’re done with the sequel.

The first Flappy Bird quickly exploded into a cult sensation, leaving its creator in shock and awe at the overwhelming responsibilities, pressures and hate that comes with overnight celebrity and frustrated gamers. According to legend, he was so turned off by fame that he deleted the app from download stores, so no one could ever install it again.

Surprisingly, he’s making a return to smartphone gaming with a new title that builds upon Flappy Bird.

The new addiction goes by the name of Swing Copters, and it’s basically the same experience with a few minor differences, including a more extreme, hair-pulling, suicide-inducing level of difficulty that puts to shame today’s so-called video “games”. And that’s actually a good thing because that means Flappy Bird is back.

The only question is… will the developer pull Swing Copters off shelves as soon as it blows up? Only time will tell, so get it for your iOS or Android device before he change his mind again. Know more.