Women usually get heckled about their health throughout the nine months of being human submarines. Recently, however, studies show that the physical health of fathers at the time of conception has a huge impact on the future health of the fruit of their loins. If you men out there are planning on bringing new life into the world, make sure that you’re hitting the gym prior to doing the deed. Pecks and triceps, back and biceps, bros.

If a man is obese when conceiving a child, there is a predisposition for his children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to be fat, develop diabetes, or both. Install a good size mirror in the bedroom so you can see what you look like during sex. If you look like an amoeba enveloping a human plank, it’s time to shed some poundage. Ladies still have to work on their own health, fellas, so make sure they aren’t gobbling pints of ice cream on the regular.

A couple scientific studies from 2013 show that obese mice pass on the fat gene to their little female offspring. Boys don’t do the Matrix back bend and miss the obesity bullet, rather they are more prone to metabolic diseases like diabetes.

While the primary focus of pregnancy has been on the maternal side, more and more studies are focusing on the paternal aspects. Men are just as crucial to a child’s health, so don’t be lazy, go to the gym, and get in decent shape so that you’re kid doesn’t get picked on in school or buy extra airplane seats when he/she is older. Know more.