Honestly, I’m not surprised. Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when you find out that all the dinosaurs are female? Well, JP got it right, ladies and gentleman, and that T-Rex was definitely one bossy bitch. Although her milkshake seemed much more likely to cause others to stay far, far away from her yard, she definitely ran around the island like she owned the place.

In line with Spielberg’s depiction of the T-Rex, scientists are now claiming they can determine if dinosaur bones are male or female, and some of the more intimidating bones found have come from Team Ladies. They were able to deduce this by noticing a similarity between the bones collected and tissue found in female birds that is non-existent in male birds. What does this all mean? As one of the leading scientists notes, females were “the biggest and the baddest of all the dinosaurs.” Know more.