Creepy, right? I guess that’s one thing all the greats have to worry about after passing: their bodies being scavenged by weirdos looking for souvenirs. Fuck whatever Einstein wanted, I mean it’s not like he knew what he was talking about… Wait.

Apparently, after Einstein’s death – and despite his request to “discourage idolators” by being cremated and scattered secretly – we now have more evidence that Einstein was a genius… Why? Because his brain and eyes were kept and cherished by idolators. Shocking. Yes, as creepy as it is, the pathologist performing the autopsy on Einstein, cut his brain into several pieces (and is rumored to have kept some pieces for himself) before passing on his eye balls to Einstein’s eye doctor. Can I get a ‘what the fuck?’

As Einstein said himself, “two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Yeah, once again, Einstein called it. I don’t know where the pathologist and eye doctor were going with keeping some of Einstein’s actual remains. Maybe they thought physical proximity to the genius’s remnants would make them hate themselves less. I know I’ll forever imagine them sitting in a dark room rocking jars of formaldehyde and whispering to themselves, “I’ll never let go, Alby. I’ll never let go.” Know more.