Chi Town, hands up! Unless you’re a sex worker. Hands down somewhere else, and flat on your back.

Is this the start of a terrible phonographic scenario?

No. This is an ongoing reality for working guys and gals in Chicago. The police don’t really care, because the police are using their services as much as the typical “I’m unhappy in my marriage and my wife is cold as a fish” john.

The interesting thing is that the pimps in Chicago provide more support and protection to prostitutes than police. The same criminals who exploit sex workers and take a cut of the cash-they’re the ones concerned with the well-being of the prozzies. It’s like if Loki in The Avengers wasn’t so much trying to take over the world as he was protecting it from the drunken whims of Tony Stark. Fair analogy, right?

Regarding the Chicago police, they tend to use their power to extort sex from the prostitutes. When the prostitute is flying solo-no pimp, no pimp protection-they give 3% of their “freebies” to police. They police get sex. The sex worker doesn’t have to spend the night in jail. This gives us all food for thought: abuse of power or prostitution, which law comes first in the hierarchy of felonies?

Not to say every Chicago cop is exploiting sex workers. For every relentless True Detective, venturing fearlessly into Carcosa, there’s a morally depraved cop drunk with power. This is not a political statement, by the way.

Chicago: both the police and The Cubs get screwed regularly for free. Know more.