justin bieber meme

Just when you thought Justin Bieber couldn’t publicly disgrace himself any more, he showed up to last week’s Young Hollywood Awards with a poor excuse for a mustache and chin beard. Look, Biebs, if you can count the sparsely scattered hairs on your face, that’s a sign that you should not be growing wear real men roam. One would think that Bieber’s decorated crime history and list of public humiliations (I mean, who tries to illegally smuggle a monkey into Germany?) would teach him not to continue defaming his image. Hey, if it’s broken, don’t fix it. Wait…

If my memory serves, Guy Code #7342 states that a man should not publicly display his facial whiskers until they are as thick, plentiful, and fruitful as the Amazonian rainforest. Given Bieber’s history with South America, he may want to liken formidable facial hair to a Husky’s coat instead.

Although Bieber proudly wore his goatee, oh let’s just call it peach fuzz, he did bring joy to Make-A-Wish participant Grace Kesablak. They took photos on the red carpet and the Biebs was kind enough to bring her on stage when he accepted his Champ of Charity award. His facial hair left people disgusted, though. My 15 year old brother has more whiskers than him, for Zeus’ sake. Know more.