This is one procedure that just baffles me. Alterations to the physical self will never cease, but butt and vampire fang implants make more sense than getting a “bagel head.” People in Japan, however, are lining up for this procedure as though it is the cure for cancer. Let me warn you that the video below can be unsettling for the squeamish or those with needle phobia.

The procedure is very simple and no sedation or incisions are necessary. You get your forehead pumped with saline until there is a formidable lump. Then a “bagel head” expert is requested to perform the final step. He skillfully locates the center of the lump and masterfully presses his thumb down so that the bump turns into a ring that resembles the breakfast food. People are fascinating creatures and desire interesting things, but I strongly encourage everybody to never do this, unless you’re planning on dressing up like Lt. Worf from Star Trek. Know more.