I’ve heard of some interesting feminist demonstrations, but this one tops them all. The creation of Milo Moire’s painting parallels the weirdness of Maude’s naked trapeze painting in The Big Lebowski. Moire straddled a blank canvas in the nude and plopped paint filled eggs out of her vagina.

The naked art demonstration outside the Art Cologne fair was intended to showcase the creative power of the vagina. Her vagina didn’t come up with the idea, though, nor did it acquire painting supplies, which is why The Guardian thinks her stunt was “absurd, trite, and desperate.”

Moire shielded herself in a sheet while she inserted the paint-filled eggs into her vagina, then emerged to squat over the canvas and birth these eggs into a piece of art titled “A Birth of a Picture.” I wonder how many Kegel exercises she did to prepare for this performance. She continued to insert paint eggs and plop them out. While the video is discomforting to watch, it is simultaneously intriguing. Know more.